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Discover unparalleled success with Medaad and our innovative Adsorption Chemical Solutions.

PSA Nitrogen Generation

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a renowned technology for gas purification. Our Adsorption Chemical Solutions excel in PSA Nitrogen Generators, utilizing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to produce a high-purity nitrogen stream.

psa pressure swing adsorption plans skid mounted nitrogen generator carbon molecular sieve cms
laser cutting machine using nitrogen blanketing

Laser Cutting

Experience the efficiency of our Adsorption Chemical Solutions in ensuring clean and precise laser cutting. Tailored to optimize various applications, our solutions enhance the reliability of your laser cutting processes.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

In semiconductor manufacturing, precision is paramount. Our specialized Adsorption Chemical Solutions contribute significantly to maintaining the required conditions and purity levels for high-quality semiconductor production.

semiconductor manufacturing using nitrogen
metal heat treatment steel fire using inert nitrogen

Metal Heat Treatment

Achieve optimal metal heat treatment results with our advanced adsorption solutions. We provide chemicals designed to control atmospheric conditions, ensuring the desired properties in the treated metal.

Food industry

Enhance food processing and preservation in the food industry with our customized adsorbents. Our solutions contribute to maintaining freshness, improving shelf life, and ensuring the quality of food products.

food packing dry seads using nitrogen
use of molecular sieve in pharmaceutical lab test

Pharmaceutical / Laboratories

In pharmaceutical and laboratory settings, precision and purity are crucial. Our high-quality adsorption chemicals meet the stringent standards required for pharmaceutical processes and laboratory research.

Water Treatment

Activated Carbon (AC) Filtration – is an effective method of dealing with suspended solids, oils and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s within contaminated water.

sewage water treatment with activated carbon nature
activated carbon use beverage purification


Optimize beverage production processes with our tailored adsorption solutions. We offer specialized chemicals to improve filtration, purification, and overall quality in the production of various beverages.

Energy / Power / Utilities

Our reliable adsorbents are designed to meet the unique challenges in the energy, power, and utilities sectors. From gas purification to moisture control, our solutions contribute to efficient and reliable operations.

tank farm power plant red top
airplane tire landing nitrogen inflated

Automotive / Aerospace

Tailored chemicals for the automotive and aerospace industries address specific challenges related to air and gas purification. Our adsorption solutions contribute to the reliability and performance of critical systems.

Compressed Air Drying

Moisture is one of the major contaminants in compressed air systems. It occurs because water vapour present in the atmosphere is drawn into the compressor, where its’ concentration can rise dramatically as temperature increases.

hand tool assembly line instrument air dryers
molecular sieve catalyst guard colors


Petrochemical applications demand specialized adsorption solutions, and we deliver. Our chemicals play a crucial role in various processes within the petrochemical industry, ensuring efficiency and purity.

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