About Us​

Medaad Solutions is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and industrial equipment for Energy, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Commercial applications. Our focus on the customer gives us the edge in this highly competitive marketplace. Medaad imports its products directly from top suppliers and principles in Europe and North America, thus ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards at the best competitive prices.


Medaad Adsorption Chemicals
Our Specialty, medaad adsorption chemicals

Our Specialty

Medaad is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and industrial equipment in the Middle East. Our wide range of products like Activated Carbon, Molecular Sieves, Air Dryers, and Nitrogen Generators are in high demand across industries. Medaad Specialty Chemicals is the sole authorized distributor of high-quality absorbents and desiccants manufactured by reputable international manufacturers.

Our Mission

Providing our clients Quality Procurement Service and a wide variety of products with higher quality standards, timely delivery, efficiency, and competitiveness with low costs – value relation.

Our Mission Medaad Adsorption Chemicals
Our Vision-Medaad Adsorption Chemicals

Our Vision

Becoming a Global Corporation leader in Procurement Service and Materials & Equipment Supply providing effective solutions to its valued customers; entering to compete in the Market with a Complete Portfolio of Product and Top Brands, placing safety, health and environmental administration as our main operation core values.

Our Team

Medaad employs a team of dedicated professionals that enables it to excellence in every phase of the distribution process. We listen closely to our customers’ needs and work side by side with our suppliers to develop creative solutions and excellent pricing to help our customers. We always believe that we can only achieve our growth through the expertise and innovation of our suppliers and the happiness and growth of our customers.

Team - Medaad Adsorption Chemicals

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High Quality

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Our Clients

Medaad is recognized and trusted by some of the industry’s major names. Here are some of our clients we have successfully worked with.


Medaad Specialty Chemicals functions as a partner to a number of well-known international chemical manufacturers.

Our products portfolio delivers essential chemical and technical solutions to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Construction Sectors. Throughout the years, we have earned our reputation as a trusted leader in the chemicals industry by transferring cutting edge technologies and cost effective services to our clients, together with unparalleled field technical support. We have delivered numerous accomplishments for many of our clients and always look forward to delivering new ones.