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About Us​

Medaad is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and industrial equipment. We cater to various industries, including oil & gas, energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and commercial applications. Our customer-centric approach sets us apart in this highly competitive marketplace. We partner with renowned chemical manufacturers to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards at competitive prices.

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Our Specialty

As a trusted supplier, Medaad provides a specialized range of high-demand products such as Activated Carbon, Molecular Sieves, Desicants, Air Dryers, and Nitrogen Generators. These specialty chemicals and industrial equipment are essential in meeting industry requirements and optimizing operations. Our commitment to excellence ensures our clients access the best solutions for their specific needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality procurement services and a wide variety of products that meet higher quality standards. We are committed to delivering timely delivery, efficiency, and competitiveness at the best possible value.

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Our Vision

At Medaad, we have a dedicated team of professionals who strive for excellence in every phase of the supply process. We closely listen to our customers’ needs and collaborate with our suppliers to develop innovative solutions and competitive pricing. We achieve Our growth through the expertise and innovation of our suppliers and the satisfaction and growth of our customers.

Our Team

Medaad employs a team of dedicated professionals that enables it to excellence in every phase of the distribution process. We listen closely to our customers’ needs and work side by side with our suppliers to develop creative solutions and excellent pricing to help our customers. We always believe that we can only achieve our growth through the expertise and innovation of our suppliers and the happiness and growth of our customers.

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Why Choose Us

High Quality



Wide Range

Our Clients

Medaad is recognized and trusted by some of the industry’s prominent names. Here are some of the clients that are successfully using our material.

Together, We Build the Future

Medaad functions as a partner to several well-known international chemical manufacturers.

Our products portfolio delivers essential chemical and technical solutions to various industrial sectors such as oil & gas, manufacturing, and infrastructure applications. We have earned our reputation as a trusted chemical industry leader throughout the years by transferring cutting-edge technologies, cost-effective services to our clients, and unparalleled field technical support. We have delivered numerous accomplishments for many clients and always look forward to providing new ones.