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Moisture is one of the major contaminants in compressed air systems. It occurs because water vapour present in the atmosphere is drawn into the compressor, where its’ concentration can rise dramatically as temperature increases. Of the ten contaminants commonly found in a compressed air system, water vapour, liquid water and aerosols account for the majority of problems experienced by the compressed air user.

By combining the proven benefits of desiccant drying with modern design, we supply extremely compact and reliable system to totally dry and clean compressed air.

The Process

Desiccant dryers remove water vapor by passing air over a regenerative adsorbent material (desiccant) which strips the moisture from the air. All desiccant air dryers remove water vapor using this method, however, the adsorbent must be periodically regenerated to ensure a continuous supply of dry air, and a number of different regeneration methods are available. 

Pressure dewpoint is the term used to describe the temperature at which condensation will occur and the water removal efficiency of a dryer is expressed as a pressure dewpoint (written as a temperature).  Desiccant dryers are extremely efficient and typically provide pressure dewpoints of -40°C.  This means for water vapor to condense into a liquid, the air temperature would need to drop below -40°C.

Typically, a pressure dewpoint of -40°C is used in most applications as compressed air with a dewpoint below -26°C will not only prevent corrosion, it will also inhibit the growth of micro-organisms within the compressed air system. Desiccant air dryers (also known as regenerative air dryers) can be purchased in a tower dryer or modular dryer construction. Types include: heatless dryer, heated dryer, blower purge dryer and a high-pressure air dryer.  Point of use dryer and inline air dryer varieties bring clean dry air just where you need it at the point of use application.


Highest quality air Clean, oil-free and dry compressed air, the international standard for compressed air quality

  • Energy efficient: Giving maximum savings
  • Dry air eliminates microbiological growth: Preventing product spoilage, recall and litigation
  • Dry air means zero corrosion: Preventing product spoilage and damage
  • Smaller, more compact and lightweight: Modular construction means less than half the size of conventional dryers
  • Modular design: 100% standby at a fraction of the cost of twin tower designs. 10 year guarantee on pressure envelope. Corrosion resistance due to alochroming and epoxy painting. Constant dewpoint performance thanks to our special filling technique
  • Easy and flexible installation: Minimal space required
  • Simple maintenance: Giving reduced downtime
  • Reduced noise pollution: Super quiet operation

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