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What is Snowstorm Filling?

SnowStorm Filling (SSF) is a dense loading method that tightly packs solid catalysts into adsorber towers, increasing the loading amount by 10-12% compared to loose filling. This technique is commonly employed in products like gas treatment filters and nitrogen generators.

Enhancing Catalyst Loading Efficiency

Our SSF equipment is custom-made to easily integrate with your adsorber tower during solid catalyst loading, enhancing loading efficiency and extending system lifespan. Pair it with our Rubberized Coco Mats to ensure uniform packing of your adsorbents and proper bed fixation.

SSF is also useful for loading Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) in PSA Nitrogen Generators.

Snowstorm Filler Equipment

Top Benefits of Snowstorm Filling

  • Achieves maximum packing density by fully utilizing available column space.
  • Prevents air flow channeling through the bed
  • Prevents adsorbent attrition, avoiding dusting, blocked filters, and performance loss.
  • Reducing the amount of desiccant required and maintenance costs
  • 100% of the adsorbents are regenerated, ensuring consistent performance
  • Provides a low, equal resistance to airflow throughout the bed

Snowstorm Filler Filled Bed Vs Loose Bed

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