Rubberized Coco Mats

Fixing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) beds in PSA Nitrogen Generators is essential to avoid operational problems such as adsorbent attrition and dusting, which can impair unit performance and product purity. Medaad specially designs Rubberized Coco Mats for this purpose. These are sheets made of coconut fibers and natural latex. 

After loading the adsorbent, place the Rubberized Coco Mats on top of PSA beds and compress as per the manual to ensure you fix the CMS bed tightly and prevent movement during pressure swing operation.

Medaad Rubberized Coco Mats offer a cost-effective solution, free from harmful chemicals and designed to last long. We provide customized dimensions that adjust to your adsorber vessel. However, in reduced flange adsorbers, you can not use Rubberized Coco Mats when there is no access to the entire vessel diameter. Consult our engineers to develop a solution that helps you reach your best performance.

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