SnowStorm Fillers


What is snowstorm filling?

Snowstorm filling packs adsorbent materials tightly in products like oil vapor removal filters and nitrogen generators, maximizing space use. It uses specialized filling equipment and needs full vessel access for full efficiency.

Medaad fabricates versatile SnowStorm Fillers with customized dimensions to fit your adsorber diameter. The Snowstorm Filling (SSF) aims to guarantee the highest unit performance, long service life, and high product purity. It is critical to achieve a uniform distribution of the Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) across the adsorbents in a PSA Nitrogen Generator and fill a high packing density bed.

The SSF technique is limited to adsorbers with a body flange, i.e., the top-loading flange is the same diameter as the main vessel. However, if your unit has a reduced loading flange smaller than the diameter of the adsorber vessel, you can consult our experts to get assistance on more suitable loading methods.

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