Partnership Policy

Our Partnerships – Our Success

Medaad Specialty Chemicals functions as a partner to a number of well-known international chemical manufacturers.

Our products portfolio delivers essential chemical and technical solutions to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Construction Sectors. Throughout the years, we have earned our reputation as a trusted leader in the chemicals industry by transferring cutting edge technologies and cost effective services to our clients, together with unparalleled field technical support. We have delivered numerous accomplishments for many of our clients and always look forward to delivering new ones.

We specialize in supplying a wide range of purification chemicals to the hydrocarbon and chemical process industries with speed and effectiveness.

Our success relies on the hard work of our team of experienced professionals and their unconditional commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our motivated employees form the essential base of our growth. We strive to attract and retain dedicated talents to build one of the industry best managed companies. We take great pride in our team and our work-life balance. We are committed to providing various personal and professional development opportunities for the success of our business.

Our Product major product ranges are:
• Zeolite and catalysts
• Molecular Sieves
• Amine and Glycol Adsorbents
• Carbon Molecular Sieves
• Silica Gels
• Activated Alumina
• Activated Carbons
• Bed Support Media (Ceramic Balls)