Engineering and Technical Services

Our Work Our Passion

We have grown the business beyond local engineering services to a respected national and international manufacturer and supplier of quality assured engineering services. Building on our skills in chemical, mechanical, electrical, controls and instrumentation allows us to meet the needs of customers today’s market needs their demands for tomorrow

MEDAAD offers an extensive variety of high quality and innovative solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. As your business needs grows and adjusts to meet constantly changing demands in your industry, MEDAAD is the company you can rely on to help you accomplish your goals.

We provide an array of engineering and technical service solutions that enhance your competitive advantage.e.

Technical Assessments


MEDAAD engineers perform comprehensive technical audits to identify design weaknesses, reliability-availability and other operational issues. Operating and historical data are analyzed. Modeling and technology-aided tools pinpoint problems. Solutions, recommendations and economic justifications are offered based upon life cycle cost calculations. Once MEDAAD and the customer agree upon the best course of action, a wide array of equipment or system improvement solutions can be implemented. 

Equipment Performance Improvements


With a highly dedicated engineering team bring together over 20 years of experience is various fields, MEDAAD has a firm stand in process knowledge, applications experience and technical resources. MEDAAD engineers have collaborated with plant operators, process licensors and architectural and engineering stakeholders to solve virtually every conceivable equipment reliability, performance and availability problem.