HSE Policy

Health, Safety & Enviroment

MEDAAD is committed to conducting its business activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of all our employees, all persons affected by our activities, and that effectively projects our environment.

All levels of management our responsible and will be held accountable for providing leadership, visible commitment, direction, and resources to meet our identified HSE performance target.

Supervisors our responsible to ensure we maintain a safe work environment, that workers our competent and capable of working safely, and that or HSE policies and procedures are fairly and consistently enforced.

All employees, contractors, and others engaged by MEDAAD share the responsibility to work in a manner that will protect themselves, fellow workers, the public, and our environment from harm.

Compliance with all applicable governmental HSE regulations is considered the minimum acceptable standard of HSE performance and we strive to exceed the industry’s best practices.
Active support of this policy is a condition of employment and an expectation of all with whom we do business.

At MEDAAD safety is a vital part of our culture promoted by a 24/7 safety outlook that encourages people to think about safety at the office, site and home.

Our people – employees, sub-contractors and agency staff – are the foundation of everything we do. Their safety is in our hands and we owe it to them to provide a safe working environment. We take great measures to ensure our work environment is caring and safe.

Our people regularly participate in safety training, with field staff completing comprehensive training specific to their work prior to heading into the field.

Our constant HSE goal is:
• No harm to people
• No damage to the environment
• Effective control of all identifiable potential hazards