Medaad Solutions

MEDAAD Solutions, About us

Medaad Solutions is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and industrial equipment for energy, manufacturing, infrastructure and commercial applications. With locations across the Middle East (UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman). Meadaad Solutions combine quality chemicals and equipment from reputable and trusted suppliers with the technical know-how and expertise you can rely on. Our team strive to provide the best product at the best economical value.

Speciality Chemicals

Molecular Sieve, gas dehydration, descant, sulfur removal,  adsorption, regeneration Activated Alumina, Air Dryers, Desiccants, moisture removal

Silica Gel, Gaurd Layer, Moisture Adsoption  Air Dryers, Desiccants, moisture removalActivated Carbon, Water treatment, odor removal, purification, carbon filter

Support Balls, Ceramic Balls, Inert BallsCarbon Molecular Sieve (CMS), Nitrogen Generation, PSA Nitrogen

Industrial Equipments




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